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If you have a lot of waste, we have the collection solutions. From Rear End Loaders to Compactors.

Our expertise in handling bulk waste enables us to offer a comprehensive and innovative service using a range of containers to meet our customers’ requirements.

If you need a compactor, we have the right size to meet your needs. From a small portable 8cbm unit for confined spaces to a fixed unit with a massive 65 tonne capacity!

Rear End Loaders

08yrd 14yrd
Length 3.4m 4.2m
Width 1.8m 1.8m
Height 1.6m 2.1m
rear end loader

Roll On Roll Off

15yrd 20yrd 35yrd 40yrd 50yrd
Length 5.79m 5.79m 5.79m 5.79m 5.79m
Width 2.23m 2.23m 2.23m 2.23m 2.23m
Height 0.89m 1.20m 2.08m 2.38m 2.96m
Weight 2000kg 2143kg 2605kg 2769kg 3104kg
roll on roll off skip


6cbm 12cbm 18cbm 20cbm 24cbm
Length 3.6m 4.4m 5.8m 6.5m 6.9m
Width 1.7m 1.7m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m
Height 2.0m 2.2m 2.5m 2.8m 2.5m
waste compactor

Dimensions are approximations and may vary. Images are for illustration only. cbm = cubic metre.