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General Waste Collection

When most people think of general waste, they think of just that, general waste. What we mean by that is that the distinction between what general waste means and what general waste is can often be quite confusing to consumers.

As one of the leading waste management companies in the UK it is something we hear a lot, and something, as leaders in our field, we thought we would like to help with.

In a nutshell, general waste, or residual waste as it is also known, is quite simply, the waste that at this moment cannot be recycled. Examples of general waste include non-recyclable plastics, polythene, kitchen scraps, ceramics and the like, as well as items that are made out of different types of material that cannot be separated such as crisp packets and some wall papers.

Divert From Landfill

In 2012, more than 85 million tonnes of waste was produced in the UK of which 20.9 million tonnes found its way to landfill. Whilst the UK is still some way behind its recycling targets set by the EU, significant steps have been made over the past years to increase not only recycling rates, but also to find secondary uses for general waste.

The three main ways that general waste can be re-used is to be turned into an energy source by either anaerobic digestion, methane collection at landfill sites or through thermal recovery by burning.

At Nationwide Waste Services, it is well known that the environment is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we source the most ethical of waste management providers to ensure that the recycling and reuse of waste is dealt with sustainably.

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