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Recycling Glass

Using present technology the UK glass industry has the capacity to recycle over one million tonnes of glass each year. Coupled with the material’s unique ability to be infinitely recycled without compromising its quality this creates a compelling case for the recycling of glass. Glass makes up around 7% of the average household dustbin and in 2001 over 2.5 million tonnes of this material was landfilled.

Indefinite Recycling

Glass can be recycled indefinitely as part of a simple but hugely beneficial process because its structure does not deteriorate when reprocessed. In the case of bottles and jars, up to 80% of the total mixture can be made from reclaimed scrap glass, called cullet.

If recycled glass is used to make new bottles and jars, the energy needed in the furnace is greatly reduced. After accounting for the transport and processing needed, 315kg of CO2 is saved per tonne of glass melted. Recycling reduces the demand for raw materials. There is no shortage of the materials used, but they do have to be quarried from our landscape, so from this point of view, there are environmental advantages to recovering and recycling glass. For every tonne of recycled glass used, 1.2 tonnes of raw materials are preserved.

Diversion from Landfill

Recycling reduces the amount of waste glass which needs to be landfilled. Although glass is inert and is not directly hazardous to the environment, it will remain there indefinitely.

Taking part in recycling the waste we produce makes us think about the effect we are having on our environment and enables us to contribute towards a greater level of sustainability.

We at Nationwide Waste Services are able to offer a dedicated recycling collection service for glass. For more information and prices, please call us on the number above or click for a trade waste quote and we will discuss your requirements.

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