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Recycling Paper

Paper can, if assessed and handled correctly, be of value and offers the potential for rebates to be paid to customers. Normally the material will need to be bailed to offer the greatest value but larger quantities of loose material still holds much potential. Small bin size volumes are not of value in terms of rebates as the transport costs make this unviable at present, but we at Nationwide Waste Services will always offer a substantially reduced cost to collect.

Not Pulp Fiction

Paper is made from cellulose fibre, the source of which can be pulped wood, or a variety of other materials such as rags, cotton, grasses, sugar cane, straw, waste paper, or even elephant dung! In this country, wood pulp is the most common source material for the manufacture of virgin paper, i.e. paper which has no recycled content.

In 2004 recycled paper and board provided about 74% of the source materials for the 6.2 million tonnes of paper manufactured in the UK's 76 paper and board mills. A further 7.7 million tonnes were imported.

In 2003/04, paper and card accounted for almost a third of all household waste collected for recycling, with almost 1.3 million tonnes being collected in England. This means, however, that there is still a considerable amount that isn't recycled and is largely going to landfill or incineration.

We at Nationwide Waste Services are able to offer a dedicated recycling collection service. For more information and prices, please call us on the number above or click for a trade waste quote and we will discuss your requirements.

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