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Why use NWS?

Our experienced staff are trained in waste minimisation, recycling and compliance.

Why Use NWS

FREE Waste Audit

Our free waste audit objective is to maximise the re-use of your commercial waste and advise on the most appropriate plane of action for your company.

Free Waste Audit
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We believe that commercial waste disposal, commercial waste collection and commercial waste recycling shouldn’t have to cost the Earth and that complete diversion away from landfill is a must if we are to deliver a future for the generations to come.

We make recycling easy, helping you to maximise your effort and value. We provide a responsive, reliable service employing innovative and environmentally sound solutions from a wide range of sources.

To support this objective, here at Nationwide Waste Services, we believe in finding a secondary use for the waste we collect where possible, in order to fulfil our obligation to our planet and to our customers.

Bearing in mind that landfill operators have implemented cost increases, as well as the continuing hikes in landfill tax and waste disposal costs, the advantages of our service far outweigh traditional waste disposal methods, as alongside the environmental benefits waste recycling and reuse brings, customers can save on average between 10-15% on their annual waste management costs also.

In a nutshell, we make recycling easy, minimising the cost to the planet and the cost to your pocket.