Sustainability Recycling and Football Kits

At Nationwide Waste Services we love all things green and the environment. We also love advances in technology and believe that when the two merge it's a match made in heaven - just like the new football kits of many of the national teams, produced by Nike, for the upcoming 2014 World Cup.

Teams like England, Croatia, Brazil et al will all be wearing strips that are predominantly, if not fully, engineered from recycled plastic bottles. With shirts comprised of 96 percent recycled polyester, socks of 78 percent recycled polyester, and shorts completely made from recycled polyester, the environmental impact of this reuse of a waste stream is outstanding. Indeed, since 2010, Nike has diverted approximately two billion plastic bottles from landfill - enough to cover more than 2,800 football pitches! 

By cleaning the plastic, then crushing it into tiny pellets before melting the pieces into polyester and spinning into a yarn, the football kit has come a long way from its cotton-like origins and is a great example of how a product can gain a new, often surprising, lease of life.

Whilst the World Cup is undoubtedly an amazing event, with the greatest in the game taking part, here at Nationwide Waste Services, we can't help but feel that the true stars will be the recycled strips and we look forward to the part recycling may take in another four years time.


15/04/2014 12:09:18

by Jonny in Recycling News

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