The Circular Economy

Here, at Nationwide Waste Services, we love the environment and the fact that we help keep the world green by providing waste management and recycling solutions that strive to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill across the whole of the UK and turning waste into a resource where possible. We also pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest news and developments in the world of waste management and recycling.

So, as the world is gripped with World Cup fever, and the term ‘Circular Economy’ comes to the fore, due in part to the technology behind the manufacture of many of the football kits on display (which utilises recycled plastic bottles), many of you might be asking yourselves: What is a circular economy?

Simply put, a circular economy is an alternative to a linear economy. Whereas in a linear ‘take, make, dispose’ economy, products are disposed of at the end of their useful life, in a circular economy, resources are recovered and then regenerated into new products – closing the loop, or cradle-to-cradle, as coined by Walter R. Stahel.

The benefits to such an economy are immediately evident. Firstly, waste is minimized which, in turn, also drives greater resource productivity. Without such a reliance in taking resources from the natural world, our impact on the environment is greatly reduced also.

Whilst some people might talk about a circular economy as purely theory, the international football kits on show at Brazil demonstrate that there are measurable steps being taken to make this achievable. From compostable packaging to the closed loop recycling of PET/PETE soft drinks bottle, where bottles are shredded into granules ready for the injection moulding process, the circular economy is well on its way.

We’re doing our part, are you?

12/06/2014 15:27:29

by Jonny in Recycling News

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