The Dempster Dumpster And Dumpmaster

What do you think of when you read or hear the word dumpster? Is it:

  1. a metal waste container
  2. a garbage truck, or
  3. the office bin?

The fact is whichever one you thought correct, the word dumpster is so synonymous the world over for its relationship with all things waste related, that its use is so interchangeable it can be applied to all.

To be (historically) correct, however, the term originally came to the fore of the public’ mind thanks to George Roby Dempster, an American businessman, politician, but more keenly, inventor, who coined the word to describe his new invention: The Dumpster - the first large-scale metal waste container that could be mechanically emptied into a rubbish truck.

Dempster, who made his name in road building and the construction industry, knew how much time and effort was needed to load waste into trucks. Witnessing, first-hand his team of workers having to manually load construction waste into trucks by hand, and how labour intensive and costly it was, an idea was born that would eventually become one of the most recognisable products on the planet.

By creating a system for the mechanical loading of waste directly into a waiting truck using large metal containers, Dempster revolutionised the waste collection industry forever.

But his genius didn’t end there.

Whilst the Dumpster was an instant godsend to many industries that dealt with all types of waste, it wasn’t until the arrival of the Dempster Dumpmaster in the 1950s (the first commercially successful front-loading garbage truck), that the word dumpster became part of everyday language throughout the world.

The Dempster Dumpmasters were able, through the use of arms located at the front of the truck, to lift individual dumpsters over the cab and empty the contents directly in to the hopper. Once inside, the contents were compressed before being pushed out, at the end of the collection route, by a panel at the rear.

Though Dempster’s career went on to politics, it is testament to his brilliance that the foundations he laid in using metal containers, trucks and compressors for the collection and disposal of waste, is still being used today.

18/09/2014 12:59:00

by Jonny in General News

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