The Smashing Recycling Journey of Glass

Glass, as we all know, is an incredibly handy material. From car windscreens, lightbulbs, glass bottles and spectacles, its applicability to a variety of end uses is remarkable.

But here, at Nationwide Waste Services, we think glass is great for another reason.

Did you know that the earliest known glass artefacts can be dated from around 1200BC and that the Romans were the first to produce transparent glass so they could regard the colour of the wine they produced? Is this why we think glass is fantastic?

Close, but that’s not it.

Also, glass has been around for a lot longer than we have. In fact we can credit nature for inventing glass first. Lightning, for instance, when striking sand can create long, thin tubes called fulgurites and volcanic eruptions can fuse rock and sand into obsidian.

But, that’s not why either.

As one of the leading trade waste and recycling companies in the UK, we think glass is remarkable due to it being 100% recyclable. In fact, glass can be endlessly recycled without any reduction in either its quality or purity, unlike other materials such as paper for example.

This is great news as glass makes up a large component of trade and commercial waste by weight and density through products such as glass bottles.

After glass has been placed in a wheelie bin for collection it is taken to a glass treatment plant. Firstly, the glass is placed on a conveyer belt and washed to remove any impurities before being sorted and separated based on colour grade. The glass is then crushed and melted under extreme pressures and moulded into new products.

Simple, but remarkable.

10/03/2015 16:49:22

by Jonny in Recycling News

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