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Save Money on your Trade Waste Collection

In this day and age, it has never been more important to save money across your business, and managing your waste effectively is no different. At Nationwide Waste Services, this is at the forefront of our thoughts whenever we tailor a solution for any business. We offer the best prices across our extensive UK wide network.

Our service offers unrivalled flexibility including:

  • Unlimited bins of varying sizes as per your requirements
  • Huge range of lift frequencies available
  • Large variety of Waste Types – See our Recycling page for further details
  • Ongoing Waste Audits
  • All quotes contain complete breakdowns of cost including lift rate, rental and Duty of Care

Join Nationwide Waste Services Today, for savings on your existing Waste Management contracts.

Trade Waste Jargon Buster

At Nationwide Waste Services, we are completely transparent about our services and costings. You may be unsure about what each term covers, so our Jargon Buster below gives you an overview of all the terms we use for various parts of our service.

Lift Rate

Lift Rate is the charge made to collect your rubbish. Every time your bin is emptied, you are charged a Lift Rate. This is the price that most waste management companies quote to a customer.

Waste Type

  • General Waste covers all dry, non-hazardous waste that you can put in the bin.
  • Dry Mixed Recycling is non food recyclable material like paper, card, small plastics and small metals (cans etc).
  • Glass is what it says on the tin!

Free Waste Audit

Our free waste audit objective is to maximise the re-use of your commercial waste and advise on the most appropriate plan of action for your company in order to maintain and improve on both you environmental policy and cost base.

The waste audit allows us to better understand your business needs and the current and future waste that your business produces, it is then our job after gaining the relevant information and knowledge to tailor a service package to your needs, with our focus being firstly on recycling, recovery and re-use and secondly cost effective disposal of residual wastes. We can very often using these criteria add value and in some case sell your waste to re-user locally managed by us our extensive network.

Wheelie Bin Sizes

Wheelie Bins come in 4 sizes, ranging from 240 ltr to 1100 ltr. Glass is the only exception where only a 240 litre bin is available.

Bin Rental

This is the rental charge for supplying, delivering and placing a bin on your site.

Duty of Care

This charge is to facilitate and enforce the Duty of Care Regulations of 1991 which requires all waste to be categorised and each transfer of waste recorded.

If you wish to discuss any of the above in more detail, or want to clarify any parts of a quote or service you receive from us, then please contact our Sales Team on 0845 017 8145.