WEEE Recycling

It’s a little known fact, that since January 2007, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) was introduced into UK law to encourage the recycling and reuse of electrical waste, making it illegal to send it to landfill.

WEEE Boxes

WEEE boxes are a tidy, convenient, safe and eco-friendly on-site solution that makes recycling waste electrical items easy and ensures that businesses are compliant with current WEEE legislation. Simply put, it’s a large box placed on your premises that you fill with waste electrical and electronic items for recycling and recovery. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our WEEE Boxes offer the complete solution for businesses in need of a simple way to dispose of their electrical and electronic waste.

Computers, televisions, monitors, cables: If it’s electrical and fits in the WEEE Box then throw it in! We also ensure full data destruction of sensitive equipment including computer hard drives, servers etc.

Order A WEEE Box

 In fact, using our WEEE Box service couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is simply follow these steps:
  1. Phone 0845 017 8145 to order your WEEE Box.
  2. WEEE Box delivered straight to your premises.
  3. Fill WEEE Box with waste electrical and electronic items.
  4. When full, ring to arrange collection and order a replacement if required.
  5. WEEE Box collected within 72 hours and replacement delivered if required.
  6. WEEE consignment note provided.

Legal Disposal of WEEE

Not sure how to legally dispose of electrical equipment?

On the 2 January 2007 the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations came into force. WEEE is a new piece of producer responsibility legislation. It aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) ending up in landfill. Instead the regulations require the collection, treatment, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE. The regulations affect all brand owners, importers and distributors or retailers of EEE.

The WEEE regulations require producers of EEE to finance the recycling costs of EEE at its end-of-life. All obligated producers must register with a compliance scheme or risk prosecution.

The WEEE Box a cost competitive solution to help businesses discharge their WEEE obligations. This will not sacrifice the responsibility and assurances you require as a business. Our technical expertise and complete range of services ensure we can help you meet your WEEE obligations simply. Be reassured that you have chosen the best option available with a name you can trust.

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