Whatever waste type your business produces, we can tailor a solution for your needs.

With depots based all over the UK, Nationwide Waste Services can provide your business with a fully bespoke waste management service which fits the needs of your business.

We endeavour to recycle and reuse all the waste we collect, to reduce environmental impact and promote ethical and efficient recycling.

Take a look below at the waste types we can collect, and get a quote by clicking the button and completing our quote form.


General waste is the daily waste your business produces, which is similar to domestic waste you produce at home, such as packaging and polythene.


Specialist food waste bins are ideal for restaurants and other food vendors. Food waste is recycled as Biogas for energy, or Biofertiliser for crop growth.


Plastic waste is collected, cleaned and then baled for transportation to various manufacturers. Here, the plastic is melted and pelletized, ready to be used to create new plastic based products.


Clinical Waste, such as bandages and other medical instruments, can be collected safely by using specialist containers, and is disposed of in accordance with the Controlled Waste Regulations of 1992.


DMR is waste that is wholly recyclable, and can be reused. Items include Paper, Cardboard, Metal Cans, Plastic Bottles, Meal trays and other similar items.


Once collected, glass suitable for recycling is sorted by colour, cleaned, crushed and melted, before then being moulded it into new products such as jars and bottles.


NWS can arrange for all grades of scrap metal to be collected and recycled. Different metal grades are separated and recycled into new products. Recycling metals is one of recycling’s biggest energy savers.


Hazardous waste must be separated from general waste and disposed of in a safe and secure way to avoid damage to human health or the environment, and be fully licensed and documented upon disposal.

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